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  If you're over the age of 30, you can have up to 25 pounds of  impacted fecal matter and toxins inside your body, that "CRAP" will eventually lead to health issues.   70% of your immune system resides inside of the Colon.  Colon Hydrotherapy, is the most effective way to rid your body of the build up of waste and toxins. Wouldn't you like to feel better? Have More Energy? 
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Enema's and Laxatives will only target the Descending Colon and below. Colon Irrigation, will flush out impacted fecal material and toxins throughout the entire
5 to 6 feet of  the Colon. 
Essential Cleansing Center
 When it comes to an effective cleanse, Colon Hydrotherapy is the only solution.  Contact Essential Cleansing Center today, and schedule your free consultation and appointment.
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