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Colon Hydrotherapy

Colon Hydrotherapy or Colonic 

There's two main reasons why, we all need colon hydrotherapy.  One, the colon is connected to the entire body through your bloodstream and cells. If you are not cleansing it is a toxic waste dump that slowly poisoning the whole body. Two, 70 % of the immune system is located in the large intestine so it compromises the immune system when we are not cleansing.   As a result of Colon Hydrotherapy body is healthier and more efficient.     

At Essential Cleansing Center, we use the best in class systems, to make sure your experience is comfortable, and worry free.   A certified colon hydrotherapist will guide you through your procedure.  Essential Cleansing Center uses an open based system, that will infuse warm, filtered water inside of your colon, reaching nooks, and crannies that is not reachable by traditional methods.  A two day process, to prepare for a colonoscopy can now be more comfortable and performed in less than an hour.  

We use the Colenz System (similar to image shown on left).  It's a table, that has an opening in the table with a very small rectal nozzle that comes from the top of the opening.  The nozzle is perfect, a lot of people have a fear of over inserting.  No need to worry, the products we carry you can not over or under insert the nozzle.  Many of our clients enjoy the privacy at Essential Cleansing Center.  We will place you in a private room and provide instructions on how to prepare for colon hydrotherapy.  We are here for you if you have any questions.  It's simple, the first step inside your private room, you will add lubricant to the nozzle to assist with insertion.  Once you're secure on the table, and covered with a drape  you will ring the bell inside of the room conveniently placed by above your right hand, on the table.  The process is not intrusive and you are in control.   That is one of  the benefits of an open system.  You'll never feel uncomfortable at Essential Cleansing Center.  When you  ring the bell, we are notified that you are ready.  Our Certified Colon Hydrotherapist will come in and make sure you're comfortable, and get you started.  We will turn the water on, and cleansing will begin.   The warm purified water will flow inside of you.   Relaxing is the key, once you relax and let your colon fill with purified water.  Soon, you will feel a strong sensation to use the bathroom.  When you feel that strong sensation, you'll naturally push to expel waste and water, it's as simple as that.  The nozzle will move to the side, allowing water and waste to pass down the opening in the table.   For forty five minutes you are filling up and pushing out, over and over again.  It will reach all the way over to your ascending  colon cleansing, the entire 5 to 6 feet of colon.  Your result will be cleaner and lighter feeling.

Instructions After Colon Hydrotherapy:  You will need to replace electrolytes.  We suggest drinking Smartwater.   You will also need to replace good bacteria with ProBiotics (Acidophilus/Bifidus).  It's natural to rinse away some of both when you detoxify.  For the rest of the day, eat light and soft food.  Some suggestions include soup, cooked vegetables, and fruit.  Avoid raw vegetables for 4-6 hours (this includes salads) the raw vegetables will cause gas to build.  Avoid meat, it is too heavy.  You can resume a normal diet tomorrow.  
Another recommendation is to consume 2-3 tablespoons of ground flaxseeds (fiber) per day. 

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