The Ultimate
 Internal Cleanse!
Essential Cleansing Center
2045 Central Avenue
Augusta, GA 30904



Services & Prices

1 Session                       $79

2 Sessions                    $140

3 Sessions                     $210


6 Sessions $390 $65 each

8 Sessions $480 $60 each

12 Sessions $660 $55 each

15 Sessions $750 $50 each   

Flexible Spending Accounts Accepted
All Major Credit Cards Accepted

Additional Services

Oxygen Sauna                    $30

Foot Detox                             $30

Whole Body Vibration:  $10 for 10 minutes.

Herbals available for purchase.
Colosan is a scientifically formulated compound that uses the oxygen to safely rid the body of impacted feces in the colon lining.  Ask about Colosan Capsules on your next visit.
Protandim, is an anti-aging supplement, that reduce oxidative stress in humans by an average of 40% in 30 short days.  Protandim works by helping the body increase its on natural antioxidant enzymes.  Want to learn more about the benefits of Protandim?  Give us a call or ask about Protandim on your next visit.  
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