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The Colon

The Colon
The Colon is also called the large intestine.  It is approximately 5 ft. long and is the last  part of the digestive system.  Water is absorbed in the colon, and the remaining waste material is stored as feces before being removed by defecation.  The Cecum is the most toxic part of the digestive system.   
The Diet
If you are over the age of thirty,  & your diet consist of unhealthy choices, you can have up to 25 pounds of impacted fecal matter, & toxins stored in your colon.  Today's diet consist in excess of meat based, high in fat &  low in fiber choices. All things that are unhealthy & takes longer to digest.   
The Toxic Colon
Signs of a Toxic Colon:

Abdominal Discomfort, Bad Breath, Bloating, Constipation, Diarrhea, Dull Skin and Hair, Flatulence, Fatigue,  High Blood Pressure, Irritable Bowel, Indigestion, Protruding Belly, Weight Gain, and more.

Your Colon is your body's "Sewer System",  it is where everything goes to be eliminated.  

The Colon 

Traditional Enema's and Laxitives are not enough to clean the colon of toxins and fecal matter.  
Colon Hydrotherapy of the bowels is required to cleanse the entire colon.   
Enemas have been a key tool to cleanse the colon by many cultures all around the world and throughout history.  As everyday Americans, our diets consists of meat-based, high in fat, and low in fiber diet.  The food we consume, should be digested and eliminated in 24 hours or less.  
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